Coneross Campground, Hartwell Lake, SC


Our next stop was Coneross Campground, a US Army Corps of Engineers Park, on Hartwell Lake in SC. The lake is beautiful, and the water sites are all very nice. We had #4 reserved – it was great, but at the lowest point and very wet. We changed to 58 and loved it – we had water views in every direction with lots of privacy. Close to beach and restrooms. (Our stay was half price thanks to Senior Pass).

We went hiking at Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel in nearby Oconee County, SC. It is an incomplete railroad tunnel built for the Blue Ridge Railroad in 1852. It is now a Walhalla park which also features nearby Isaqueena Falls.  Very cool and interesting!  A tunnel to nowhere – full of bats and dripping water.  And Clemson University used to make blue cheese in there.  What more could you ask for? Of course, we forgot to bring a flashlight, so could only penetrate until the light from outside ran out.  Too bad, we would have loved to have gone to the end!  The trails and waterfalls in the park were also stunning and fun to explore.


We will definitely visit the Stumphouse Tunnel again – this time with a flashlight!

We also visited Clemson University.  What an expansive beautiful campus – we were impressed!  But there was a decided lack of Gastropubs in town (much to our dismay)…

We toured several Corps of Engineers parks around Lake Hartwell, and found many large waterfront sites which would accommodate our coach.  In addition to local attractions, there is opportunity for many water sports.  We’d recommend a stay in this area for sure!      

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