Fam Camp Entrance
Stopped at office to be assigned a site
In site 41!






Well, we have taken possession of Roemer II ! A very exciting day. We arrived at Marlin Ingram RV at 8:30 am on the 22nd of May. The day was spent inspecting, being briefed on the new systems, and of course, writing a really big check!

The transition went fast, aided by the time spent watching the build and doing a progressive inspection at the factory. No new issues showed up today (at least none that were going to keep Bill from driving the new coach)…… In any case, we were satisfied, and at about 2 pm, we pulled out of the Ingram lot. We headed about 20 miles away, to the Family Camp at Maxwell Air Force Base. Here we spent the next 2 days transferring all our gear from the storage locker into the coach. An intense and interesting exercise!

Maxwell has a large FamCamp on the west side of the main runway. Sort of a utilitarian park, but it was close, inexpensive, and available. Having the Commissary, PX, and Class 6 store nearby was very helpful for the load out.  We stayed in site 41, a full hook up site with 50 amp service. There is a covered picnic table (that made it a little tight for the slide outs) that was strung with festive lights for us to hlp celebrate. Next up, Cheaha State Park in NE Alabama.

And now the adventure begins!

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